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Samson Juicer


Vegikiln-Weston 8-Tray Dehydrator
lowest price Ever!


? FREE: 5-ft roll of Mesh Sheeting!
? EXCLUSIVE: 1 Year Warranty
? FREE Copy of My Popular $19.95 E-Book!


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Buy now & get a FREE download* of my popular e-book, Easy Weight Loss with Raw Food. Features dozens of delicious recipes you can use with your new juicer!


My Ridiculous
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1 year guarantee

Imagine yourself 6 or 8 weeks from now. You've had a Good4U dehydrator not for 7 days (a standard eBay guarantee), not even 30 days (a typical store guarantee). You've had it for a full 60 days - long enough to try dozens of recipes and perhaps even shed some unwanted weight -and most importantly, long enough to know your interest in dehydrators is not just a flash in the pan!

A full 2 months from now you can decide for any reason, or no reason at all, that you arent 100% thrilled with your dehydrator and get a prompt, courteous refund of the full purchase price. No return authorizations required. No emails or phone calls required. No hassles. And keep all the freebies.

I am so confident in this product that Im taking all the risk out of your purchase! You have nothing to lose! Just Buy It Now to get my favorite dehydrator for yourself - then take all the time you need to put it to the test. I've had this #1 web site for 10 years, so I'll be here.

Click Add to Cart now and you'll have a VegiKiln dehydrator in a few short days. Then if for some reason you want your money back - no problem - no questions! Try to get THAT from anyone else!


How to Use a Dehydrator

Before you start dehydrating you should know  the difference between air temperature and food temperature. You see, when you first start dehydrating something, evaporation keeps the food in the dehydrator COOLER than the temperature of the air in the dehydrator. In general, food will be around 20 F cooler.

I recommend setting your dehydrator at a higher temperature for a few hours then turning it down. This helps avoid fermentation and reduces the time food is in the dehydrator - the longer you leave something in  a dehydrator the greater the risk that enzymes can be destroyed or mold can grow, even at lower temperatures.

Temperatures and times also vary geographically. You need  to experiment see what works best for you and where you live. Some humid areas need higher temperatures. Dry, hot arid areas may need lower!

Personally, I start at 115-125 F depending on thickness and moisture  content, and then turn the thermostat down to 105-110 F until the recipe is as dry as I want.

NOW $119.95

UP TO $199.95

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VegiKiln 10 Tray Dehydrator

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The Best Dehydrator Value for Raw Foodists!

Introducing the exciting new VegiKILN 10-tray Dehydrator - the first new dehydrator designed with raw foodists in mind! Finally, an easy-to-use, temperature-controlled horizontal dehydrator you can really afford! This no-frills yet high quality unit offers give you everything you need for great results - plus the lowest price! Finally you don't have to pay for expensive bells & whistles like a timer you don't need! In fact, not only does a time add $50 or more to the price, if it turns off before the recipe is finished drying it can cause fermentation or mold!

This is the same design as the Good4U dehydrators and is even made in the same factory, but without that expensive timer you rarely if ever need. I prefer the simple yet advanced design of VegiKILN dehydrators even over the Excalibur! It's just a much better value with everything you need in a horizontal airflow dehydrator, but no unnecessary costly frills. Click here to see my Dehydrator Comparison Chart!

The VegiKILN 8-Tray Dehydrator is the first, easy-to-use, temperature-controlled horizontal dehydrator that is truly affordable, featuring the first new design innovation in decades - their exclusive self-closing front. You get everything you'd expect only in high-priced models - and even has some they missed!

Good4U Dehydrator ClosedFirst, the VegiKILN is a horizontal-flow dehydrator - like the most expensive models. Unlike the cheap, round jerky-makers you can buy at the big box stores, the Good4u dehydrates more evenly and accurately without rotating trays.

Instead of a bulky separate door you can lose, the VegiKILN is designed with self-closing trays that are engineered to leave just enough space between them for the most efficient airflow - which means faster drying.

Also, cheap dehydrators do NOT have a thermostat - they have a one-temperature fits all approach! Imagine if your oven worked like that!

Different foods require different drying temperatures toproperly preserve their nutrition and flavor. The VegiKILN has a very accurate thermostat to make sure you are using the proper temperature. Too high a temperature can kill enzymes, reduce flavor and destroy vitamins. Too low a temperature can allow bacteria and mold to grow!

Also, you get a 5-foot roll of free mesh sheeting and my free e-book, too.

Key Features:

  • 8 tray model
  • Convenient size fits in kitchen or under counter
  • Self-closing design - No door to lose, trays make their own closure with gaps in doors engineered for more even drying.
  • Includes 5-ft. roll of mesh sheeting
  • Adjustable thermostat 84 F to 155 F
  • White color blends with most decors
  • Rear mounted fan and heating element distributes heat more evenly across each tray, saves energery and dehydrates faster and more efficiently.
  • Dimensions: 11.5"H x 11.5"W x 13.5"D
  • Power usage: 600 Watts
  • Free recipe book & Instruction Book included
  • 1-year mfr. warranty
  • My personal 60-day Unconditional Guarantee - no questions asked!
  • Free Shipping
  • Lightweight - just 17 lbs.

Watch out for unauthorized sellers! If you buy from a seller that isn't authorized, you won't get my personal 60-Day Unconditional Guarantee or the 1-Year Warranty!

I include more free accessories, my personal Unconditional Money Back Guarantee, the manufacturer's full Warranty, my FREE e-book and much more. Real value is more than just price - I give you the best value. Guaranteed!


Get a DOOR BLANK for Making Yogurt, Raising Bread, More!

FREE Door Blank This clear plastic custom-fitted door blank is designed to close the front when removing 2 shelves for large items or making yogurt. The blanks also are perfect tool for raising bread right inside your Good4U dehydrator. Just remove the 2 bottom trays, put a shallow pan of water on the bottom, insert a tray directly above the water and put the bowl of dough on the tray. Cover dough with a cloth to keep it moist, set thermostat at 115F and let dough rise for 30-60 min.

Just $9.95
Requires individual shipping so please order separately

Get the Best Overall Value!

? VegiKILN Dehydrators Dry More Quickly!
? VegiKILN Dehydrators are Sleeker & Lighter!
? VegiKILN Dehydrators Operate More Quietly!
? VegiKILN Dehydrators Offer More & Cost Less!
? VegiKILN Dehydrators Take Less Counter Space!
? VegiKILN Dehydrators are More Efficient & Accurate!
? VegiKILN Dehydrators are Unconditionally Guaranteed for 60-days!
? VegiKILN Dehydrators Have a 1-Year Warranty on the electrical parts!
? VegiKILN Dehydrators come with my personal recommendation & guarantee
? VegiKILN Dehydrators Include a FREE Jerky Kit for the non-vegans in your life!!
... PLUS Good4U Dehydrators come with my free e-book worth $19.95!

Raw Flax Crackers

These are are a great source of vital essential fatty acids and great for dips or snacks. They are a staple in my own diet!  First, soak your flax seeds for 4-6 hours in spring water. Add your choice of seasonings then place in the dehydrator on non-stick sheets or parchment paper (do not use wax paper).  Run the dehydrator for five to six hours, then using a dull butter knife score the crackers into squares and flip them over. Finally run it for another five to six hours.


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