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Prion Disease & pH Balance
Studies show that Mad Cow Disease caused by acid pH!

Opinion by Robert Ross

Blendtec vs. Vitamix

Why is this important to a raw foodist? We are not likely to be eating any kind of meat soon, let alone from a mad cow! The thing is -- this is more hard evidence of the importance of an alkaline-forming diet and lifestyle! Even better, it is evidence that helps refute the argument that eating and drinking alkaline foods and drinks doesn't affect the body's overall pH. The answer is, of course, that it clearly does. Here's how I come to that conclusion from this research.

Mad CowA prion (protein+infection)is a misshapen protein which became an infectious agent when it lost it's correct shape. You see, it is normal for proteins to fold or bend, but under some conditions they lose control and get permanently bent out of shape, becoming infections that cause a fatal diseases like mad cow disease in cattle, scrapie in sheep and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) in people. There is no cure for these fatal conditions.The

You see, the function of a protein is determined by its shape. The shape of a protein is determined by its structure, or its sequence of amino acids. The sequence is determined by the sequence of nucleotides in the gene (DNA) encoding it. The function of a protein is usually dependent on its structure. A number of things can disrupt the structure of a protein, called " denaturing" the protein. These include:

  • changes in pH (alters electrostatic interactions between charged amino acids)
  • changes in salt concentration (also alters electrostatic interactions)
  • changes in temperature, i.e., cooking (higher temperatures reduce the strength of hydrogen bonds)
  • presence of reducing agents (break S-S bonds between amino acids)

Several researchers have discovered that prion's deadly misshapen form is determined by exposure to low, acidic pH environments. In a healthy neutral or alkaline environment these proteins are just fine, happy and properly shaped. However, under low pH, acidic conditions all that changes. As pH goes down and acidity increases (red line in chart below), proteins get more and more distorted until at some point they can no longer recover their proper shape and are permanently now Prions -- infectious proteins.

In the study, On the Fibril Elongation Mechanism of the Prion Protein Fragment PrP106-126, at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, they noted:

Mad Cow Graph

"Under acidic condition, one of the residues forms hydrogen bonds with one of the edge strands of the fibril. Then, inter peptide hydrogen bonds gradually form one by one to the end of the peptide (causing them to beak up or change shape - rr). Under alkaline and neutral conditions, the hydrogen bonds within this peptide do not break up."

You see, the electrical or electrostatic charge proteins controls their shapes and functions. What have we learned about acid and alkaline environments in my other articles: alkaline equals electrons/energy, electron donors. In an alkaline environment their are plenty of electrons for proteins to interact and change shape the way they are intended by nature. Conversely, the more acidic an environment, the more the interactions between proteins are disrupted by robbing proteins of their electrons, resulting unhealthy, misshapen proteins. At best, these misshapen proteins are denatured and impossible to properly digest. At worst, they become infectious proteins or prions.

Cows are raw food vegans, normally eating a healthy, alkaline-forming diet of fresh, yummy grass. They have a unique digestive system that evolved over millions of years to be able to digest grass with their 4 stomachs (actually one stomach with four chambers). So of course factory farms feed cows nothing at all like fresh grass. In fact, factory farms feed cows the cheapest dead, processed feed they can find - even including dead cow parts in the feed to save a few sheckles. They have turned loving, gentle cows into a cannibals -- and then we wonder why they go mad!

Like all over-processed, dead food, processed cattle feed is ACID-FORMING. It has none of the health-giving alkalinity of fresh grass. Add a few dead cows to the feed to improve the bottom line a little and you get even more acids in the mix. Acids equals PRIONS equals MAD COWS!

So my conclusion is that when you feed cows a acid-forming diet it creates an acidic environment within the bodies of the cow at the cellular level. Proteins in the cow exposed to this low acidic pH can become deadly, infectious PRIONS associated with Mad Cow Disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in people.

This conclusion leads inevitably to the next -- that cows, or people, fed a healthy, alkaline-forming raw vegan diet have a more alkaline pH at the cellular level, despite arguments to the contrary, and therefore PRIONS do not form. In fact, most of the health challenges we associate with modern civilization and poor lifestyle choices are likely to be prevented with an alkaline-forming lifestyles and diet!

As human being you should just as mad as these poor factory-farm cows! But unlike a cow, you can do something about it. First, just don't eat cows. If you enjoy a little meat now and then, do it on a rare basis, like a special treat, and then only eat free-range, organic meats. And for your other meals, start enjoying healthy, alkaline-forming raw food and drink alkaline mineral water from your water ionizer!

Sadly, factory farm cows don't have these choices -- but you do!




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