Raw Guide for People Who Hate Vegetables
by Robert Ross, 11/22/08
How to Choose a Juicer
by Robert Ross, 4/22/08
Case for Raw Food Diet
Dallas Morning News, 4/7/08
Benefits Buying Organic
NY Times, 06/17/2007

Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce, 10/03
More Vitamin C in Organic Oranges, Amer.Chemical Society, 6/3/02
Science/Staying Healthy:
Time Magazine, 1/21/02
Organic Food Reduces Risk of Heart Attacks,
New Scientist
Scientific Analysis: Organic Food vs Supermarket Food, Jour. Applied Nutrition, 1993

Acrylamide in the News
Enzymes & Your Weight

Raw Food for Pets
Raw Food for Athletes
Raw Food & Cancer

by Robert Ross
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Why Raw by Dr Bernarr

Robert's Video Gallery
"Conversations" from my Raw Meetups at the famous raw food restaurant, the Soma Cafe, in Lake Worth, Florida and other sources.

Benefits of Raw Food, Part 1
I talk about how raw food restores the cell's normal sugar metabolism and how an abnormal, anaerobic sugar metabolism for the cell causes cooked food addictions and dis-ease.

Courtesy of, 2/9/2010

Benefits of Raw Food, Part 2
I talk about digestion and energy, transit times, autointoxication and more - with a couple of rants about quantum biology and the Whole Foods scam of "California" Medley frozen organic veggies made in China!

Courtesy of, 2/9/2010

Benefits of Raw Food, Part 3
I rant a bit about the environmental impact & dangers of organic products that come from china, plastic water bottles, genetically modified foods, global warming and much more.

Courtesy of, 2/9/2010

Benefits of Raw Food, Part 4
I rant a bit more about environmental issues, why I teach, how raw food changes consciousness and creates miracles in my life, my struggle to stay raw, high fructose corn syrup, sugar metabolism and more.

Courtesy of, 2/9/2010


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