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Alkalize your Body for Natural Radiation Protection

I personally extend my prayers and sympathies to all who are still suffering from the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan. I have been asked many times now about what we can do to protect ourselves from the radiation risks that now faces much of the planet – because we are all “downwind” from this tragedy!

What you may not realize is that there is a profound connection between alkaline-forming raw foods, alkaline mineral water and ionizing radiation. You see, ionizing radiation does the same thing to your body cooked, processed, acid-forming foods do only much, much faster and more deadly. Simply put, ionizing radiation scavenges electrons from the molecules of healthy cells in the same way that the free radicals in cooked, processed food does. The acidic toxins caused by cooked, processed foods will slowly kill you. The results from ionizing radiation are often much, much faster and more deadly - but the principle is the same!

To protect yourself and your family from ionizing radiation, the first, most basic thing you can start doing right now is to start drinking ionized water, also called alkaline mineral water, made with a alkaline water Ionizer you can even build ones (see instructions here).

The second most important thing you can do is to eat more alkalizing raw foods! Ionized water and alkalizing raw foods are among the best ways to alkalize your body and help protect it from the effects of ionizing radiation! Drinking ionized water, which is made up of microclustered or structured water, also improves hydration, which improves the absorption and effectiveness of the supplements or nutritionals you should also be using for radiation protection.

Nuclear energy expert Dr Helen Caldicott tells the truth about Fukushima and nuclear energy that you won't see on TV.

This is just the beginning

The latest reports from Fukushima indicate that one or more of the reactor cores may have been breached. If this turns out to be the case it will take up to 100 years before the spent fuel rods at Fukushima will be cool enough to be removed from the site. That means the whole world will share the disaster with Japan for the next century!

Reactor Core No. 3 is the one with an extremely dangerous MOX core that's two million times more deadly than regular enriched uranium. If this reactor is breached it doesn’t even matter what happens to the other Fukushima! With Fukishima’s 1,760 tons of nuclear fuel, compared to the mere 180 tons at Chernobyl, Fukushima is destined to dwarf the Chernobyl disaster!

Radiation from the Fukushima has been detected on vegetables 135 miles south of Fukushima, as well as in the ocean off Vacouver, British Columbia -- the first time in North America! In the end, this radiation will end up in your food and water. If you have to choose between toxic genetically modified foods and food that glows in the dark, suddenly GMO’s may not look so bad!

My raw food friends on the west coast are really worried. Of course, in the U.S. the FDA and USDA have different priorities than We the People anyway. In California if your raw milk starts glowing in the dark the FDA were would probably seize it – not because it’s radioactive but because it is “raw.” The FDA is more worried about milk being raw than it is worried about the iodine-131 isotopes that may be in it!  Not only is your government unconcerned about irrradiation of food, they actually encourage it for sterilization! Believe it or not, apparently our government believes a little radiation is actually good for you!

Today in America government-approved radiation devices are nuking you on a daily basis. The government believes that low exposure to radiation is not harmful to your health. But because the effects of radiation exposure are cumulative over a lifetime, I believe there are no truly “safe” levels of radiation. So our real danger is from the total, never-ending exposure to low levels of ionizing radiation we accumulate throughout our lives from:

  • Any sea foods, including fish and sea vegetables, exposed to the millions of gallons of radioactive waste water being dumped into the pacific daily at Fukushima
  • Eating radioactive particles that fell from the air onto our food
  • Eating food that's woven into its tissues the radioactive particles in water and soil
  • Eating herbs and other foods that have been irradiated for longer shelf life and against microorganisms
  • Flying – an airplane flight from coast to coast exposes you to hundreds of millirads
  • Airport security scanners ( alow dose but part of the total)
  • Medical x-rays including mammograms, dental x-rays, CAT scans , etc.
  • Radiation "therapy" for cancer
  • Microwave Ovens
  • High-voltage power lines
  • Microwave radiation from cell phones  

From Russia with Love!

Though Japan refined and popularized water ionizer technology, it was actually the Russians that did the early research and development starting over 75 years ago. When they discovered that negative ions were good for human health they realized that the opposite must also be true -- positive ions are bad for human health. Next they theorized that adding negative ions to water could be very healthy.  The ionized water they invented is one of Russia's greatest scientific achievements and a gift to the whole world for which we should all be thankful, though it has gone mostly unrecognized despite the worldwide popularity that water ionizers enjoy today.

Though hidden from the west by the Soviet Union for decades, the Russians have been studying water ionizer technology for radiation exposure for 50 years! The reason has to do with the Soviets secret nuclear programs. You see, the Soviets had numerous nuclear disasters in Russia that we didn’t know about until the mid 1990s!  So they were secretly pursuing protocols for the treatment of radiation exposure, including the use of ionized water.

The most significant of these projects we now know about was called the Chelyabinsk Project, created by Vladimir Egov in the 1960’s. Chelyabinsk is one of the most remote places in the former Soviet Union. Due to several nuclear incidents in that area, more than 500,000 people have suffered as much as 20 times the radiation exposure as created by Chernobyl. Chelyabinsk it is now called “The Most Contaminated Spot on the Planet. ” I suspect this title may be going to Fukushima if something doesn’t change soon. 

One of the things they wanted to find out in the Chelyabinsk Project is whether ionized water could protect the body from the ionizing effects of radiation. The answer was YES!

Just like they discovered in Russia decades ago, you can use ionized water, or alkaline mineral water, to effectively help protect your body from the effects of ionizing radiation.

For one of the best alkaline water ionizers, and the one I personally use, check out

Basic Nutritional Suggestions for
Protection from Ionizing Radiation

To protect yourself from Iodine-131 take 5 kelp tablets daily. The body will absorb the kelp instead of the Ioidine-131.

To protect yourself from cesium-137 eat plenty of high-potassium raw foods. Potassium inhibits cesium uptake in he body. Foods high in potassium include avocados, sea vegetable, and leafy green vegetables.

To protect yourself from plutonium eat lots of dulse and veggies that contain plenty of iron like spirulina, bluegreen algae and chlorella, which contains more iron than red meat. Miso has also been shown to have a protective effect.

Alkalizing raw foods are high in antioxidants, helping the body cope with radioactive elements that cause anti-oxidant depletion which leads to health problems.

Radioactive contamination becomes more concentrated higher on the food chain, so vegan raw food assures you of eating low on the food chain - a basic principle for health in general as well as radiation protection. A Raw food, plant-based diet, low on the food chain, is the healthiest diet now more than ever!

Selected References

  • Brown SL, Kolozsvary A, Liu J, Jenrow KA, Ryu S, Kim JH. Antioxidant diet supplementation starting 24 hours after exposure reduces radiation lethality. Radiat Res. 2010 Apr;173(4):462-8.
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