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Samson Juicer

Now with Extended 12-YEAR Warranty!
Tribest Green Star Elite Twin-Gear Juicer

with Bio-Magnetic Technology

More juice, drier pulp & less foam guaranteed!


Super Angel All Stainless Juicer
100% Stainless Steel Design =
the ultimate twin gear juicer!

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Buy now & get a FREE download* of my popular e-book, Easy Weight Loss with Raw Food. Features dozens of delicious recipes you can use with your new juicer!

Centrifugal Juicers
vs. Masticating Juicers

Centrifugal juicers work at extremely high speeds, can be noisy, produce a lot of heat and expose juice to a lot of air. Heat and oxidation from air will damage enzymes and nutrients. The one advantage of a centrifugal juicer is lower cost. If that's an issue then buy a centrifugal juicer because ANY FRESH JUICE IS BETTER THAN NO JUICE.

But keep in mind that a masticating juicer eventually pays for itself! You see, a juicer like the Omega VRT330 requires less vegetables because it squeezes out more juice than a centrifugal juicer. I recommend single-auger juicers because of their simplicity, ease of use and the fact that you can clean them in minutes! It's also nice knowing I'm getting the most from my expensive organic vegetables!

How to Use the Pulp Left over from Juicing

When your juicers separates the juice out from the produce, what is left over in the other container is called the pulp. This is the pulp, or the fiber. There are two kinds of fiber, soluble and insoluble, and your body needs both. Fiber in food doesn’t get digested but passes through your digestive system adding bulk to your stool, helping to cleanse the colon and, preventing constipation. A high-fiber diet may lower risk of hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome and diverticular disease (formation of small pouches in the colon. Soluable fiber has been shown to lower cholesterol.

Organic pulp from your juicer can be used in a number or raw recipes - or added right back into your juice drink. Remember, it has to be organic because when you juice produce, any pesticide residue or other toxins will end up concentrated in the pulp. When you must use commercial, non-organic produce, toss out the pulp.

For one example of something you can do with the pulp from your juicer, see the Mock Tuna Salad recipe on my Juice Recipe page. I’ll be adding more recipes in the future to the web site and in my books that are designed to use the pulp from your juicer - so check back often.

My Ridiculous, Unheard of Personal Guarantee

1 year guaranteeImagine yourself 3 or 4 weeks from now. You've had a Green Star Elite juicer for a full 30 days - long enough to try gallons of juice and perhaps even shed a few pounds of unwanted weight -and most importantly, long enough to know your interest in juicing is going to last! A full month from now you can decide for any reason that you aren’t 100% thrilled with your juicer and get a prompt, courteous refund. No hassles.

Nobody else dares to do this! With any other juicer once you use it it's yours unless it's defective and even then there all are kinds of conditions to return it. Not with me! I want to encourage you to start juicing no matter what it takes! My distributor says I am crazy. He says I'll be inundated with returns. But I believe you want a healthier lifestyle for your whole family, so when you try a Green Star Elite juicer you will never give it up!

I am so confident in this product that I’m taking all the risk out of your purchase and take all the time you need to put it to the test. I've been online for 10 years and have the #1 raw food web on Google - so I'll be here. Click Add To Cart now and you'll have a Green Star Elite Juicer in just a few short days.


Watch out for unauthorized dealer! If you buy from a dealer that isn't Authorized you may not get the Manufacturer's warranty, let alone my personal guarantee! The Minimum Authorized Price means that no authorized dealer can sell for less. If you see a ridiculously low price, you can be sure it is not authorized. With my personal guarantee plus my $19.95 e-book, this really is the best value.

Remember, with a manufacturer's Minimum Authorized Price, the main difference between authorized dealers are intangibles like knowledge and service. When you buy from me you are getting a leading Raw Food expert. I actually know something about juicers, and I have been bending over backwards to help people just like you for over ten years. Buy it now and get me, too!

Centrifugal Juicers vs. Masticating Juicers
Centrifugal juicers work at extremely high speeds, can be noisy, produce a lot of heat and expose juice to a lot of air. Heat and oxidation from air will damage enzymes and nutrients. The one advantage of a centrifugal juicer is lower cost. If that's an issue then buy a centrifugal juicer because ANY FRESH JUICE IS BETTER THAN NO JUICE.

But keep in mind that a masticating juicer eventually pays for itself! You see, a juicer like the Green Power actually uses less vegetables because it squeezes out more juice and nutrition than a centrifugal juicer. I recommend twin-gear juicers to the most discriminating juicing fanatics because they always love knowing they're squeezing every last drop of nutrition from their expensive organic vegetables!

RAW TRUTH: Fresh Juice is not a Complete Diet.
To maintain and promote optimum health, our bodies need to EAT to get adequate nutrition. As delicious and nutritious as juice is, it doesn’t replace eating, except during a controlled fast, detox or cleansing program. There are many nutrients you need that are hard to get in juice alone. As a raw foodist, you need to ge plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, plus some sprouts and fermented foods, in your diet in order to assure yourself you are getting all the nutrients you need, including Essential amino acids, Vitamins, Minerals, Live Enzymes, Fiber, Essential fatty acids, Carbohydrates and plenty of pure water.


SAVE $100

NOW $549.95

Mfr. List $649.95

Free Shipping

Green Star Juicer

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Applies in 48 contiguous states only & requires physical address. For AK/HI/PR or
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For International sales please choose Express Mail International.

Contiental U.S. Only
Buy Super Angel Juicer

Also available in
220/240 Volts for
an addl. $20. Select
on shopping cart.


Green JuiceThe very latest, state-of-the-art juicer from Green Star is the Elite model GSE-5000 - the ultimate for serious juice lovers. This juicing breakthrough now features a JUMBO 3-stage twin-gear system to truly wring the most juice from every leaf of spinach, blade of wheatgrass or stalk of celery - a full inch longer than the original gears! Jumbo Trin Gears

The original Green Star had two juicing stages, and with its new third Extraction stage  the Green Star Elite now defines the next generation in juicing:

  • Stage 1 - Crushing: As your produce enters the stainless steel part of the twin  gears, the crushing and mastication breaks apart the cell membranes so that juice can be extracted.
  • Stage 2 - Mixing & Rubbing Stage: After passing the Stainless Steel area your produce passes through the first half of the screw and is mixed and rubbed together so the cell membranes can be easily opened.  This patent-pending new process only available with the Green Star Elite's Jumbo Twin Gears!
  • Stage 3 - Squeezing Stage: The second half of the screw applies powerful extra pressure on your produce and further increases the number of opened cell membranes.

These three juicing stages above work together synergistically and produces a significantly higher juice yield, with drier produce and better juice stability compared to previous twin-gear designs.

Of course, it still has Green Star's famous Bio-Magnetic Technology integrated into the gears to optimize juice quality and stability. This pulls more minerals into the juice while increasing the bioavailability of nutrients in the juice.

The Green Star Elite is the latest evolution of the twin gear juicer, which has been a best seller since 1992!

The Green Power features a low rotation speed of 110 RPM with a powerful 200 watt motor, preventing oxidation and heat from damaging enzymes and nutrients. Compare this to 12,000 RPM for the popular centrifugal juicers. The venerable Champion juicer, for example, runs at 1,725 RPM. This makes juice that tastes better, is more nutritious, and stores for longer periods.

  • All Green Star Elite components such as the twin gear housing and outlet casing are now lighter in weight than its predecessors. The GSE's juicing parts are also now made heat resistant and can now be used in dishwashers!
  • Cleaning up the Green Star Elite is now much easier due to the 'latch system' which makes cleaning and assembly quick and simple.
  • Using the GSE is now even safer because of the 'safety switch system' which disables operation unless the machine is fully assembled. The result is the elimination of chances to touch the moving parts. The top cover of the GSE must be removed to gain access to the moving parts and once lifted, the machine automatically shuts off!
  • Using different plug types has been simplified in the GSE due to its new detachable power cord.

vegetable   juice

You can use the Green Power as a fruit or vegetable juicer as well as a wheatgrass juicer. You can also use it to mince and chop, grind and even make almond milk! Extract juice from celery, carrots, parsley, spinach, wheatgrass, apple, orange, kale, cucumber, ginger, sprouts and many other leafy greens! It can also extract from less obvious things such as pine needles and aloe. The low-speed protects flavors and high nutritional content from being destroyed by heat and oxidation. This is also one of the easiest juicers to clean!

* Juice Vegetables
* Juice Wheatgrass
* Make Fruit Juice
* Mince and chop
* Make Frozen Desserts
* Make Nut Butters
* Make Pasta
* Make Fresh Baby Food
* Use as a Food Mill

vegetable juice


New Sleek Design: The new modern lightweight streamlined look matches to any kitchen counter complimenting your kitchen style and design.

New Locking Mechanism: By changing the locking system from removable turning knobs to a stationary latching system, the new one snap step offers optimum convenience and an easier way to assemble and disassemble the machine.

Added Safety: Green Star Elite prevents injury by eliminating your chances of interacting with moving parts by including a safety switch system attached to the safety hood, which disables operation when the hood is removed.

Easy Clean Up: By combining parts through the new sleek design, there are fewer parts, which means there is less to clean. Additionally, the included safety hood can be used as a basket to cradle the juicing parts after cleaning providing you with storage space for drying without taking up any additional space on the counter.

New Easy Grip Outlet Adjusting Knob: The knob has been re-designed to include easy grip ridges so you can easily grasp, turn and manually control the pressure inside the machine quickly so you can juice a wider variety of fruits and vegetables of different consistencies.

Higher Yields:  Designed to maximize yield and nutritional value of your juice, Advanced Heavy Duty Jumbo Twin Gears, with the same biomagnetic  technology as the original twin gears, extend the juicing process from two to three stages - crushing, mixing, and pressing.

Increased Versatility: By adding the mixing stage in between the crushing and pressing stages, juicing soft fruits has now become much easier and more effective.

Increased Value: By including only the most popular items into one convenient package, there is only one model to Green Star Elite and only one optional accessory - soft fruit outlet adjusting knob.

Minimize Loss of Nutrition - Centrifugal juicers and blenders with high-speed rotating can destroy a substantial amount of nutrients in fruits and vegetables due to the heat and oxidation created during juicing. The Green Star Elite uses a triturating twin gear feature which works similarly to a hydraulic press. Its powerful low r.p.m speed  generates virtually no heat, slowly squeezing all the juice from your fruits and vegetables with minimal exposure to air and oxidation. With the Green Star Elite you reduce nutrient loss, produce more juice from the same produce and get higher juice quality.

Clean and pure juice - Separates pure juice from harmful pesticides and heavy metals which might be present on fruits or vegetables.

Automatic pulp ejection - The twin gear system, powerful motor and durable construction let you juice continuously.

Jumbo 7" Twin Gear 3-Stage System - A full one inch longer than the original Green Star, thanks to the new, patent-pending extraction stage.

Low Noise, High Quality cold pressed Juice - The low speed rotation (110 rpm) of the unique, powerful, motor generates virtually no heat that would cause denature to the juice. Fruits and vegetables are thoroughly crushed, rather than cutting and shredding them into small pieces.

Two Juicing Screens - A fine screen is included for leafy greens, kale, spinach, wheatgrass, even sprouts - for optimum extraction from these often difficult greens. Acourse screen is included for all other types of fruits and vegetables.

What's included:


            1. Juicing Knob
            2. Breadstick Knob
            3. Fine Screen
            4. Coarse Screen
            5. Homogenizing Blank (Open Blank)
            6. Breadstick Blank (Closed Blank)
            7. Exclusive Revolutionary Advanced Jumbo Twin Gears
            8. Glass Juice Pitcher
            9. Drip Tray
            10. Plastic Plunger
            11. Wooden Plunger
            12. Stainless Steel Strainer
            13. Flat Cleaning Brush
            14. Regular GS Cleaning Brush
            15. Detachable Power Cord



  • 110 RPM, 1/4 HP Motoer (about 4 HP with gear reduction)
  • JUMBO 7" Gears- 1 inch longer than the original Green Star gears.
  • Dual stainless steel twin gears with internal magnets
  • Warranty: 12 years 
  • Size: 21.5" x 10" x 17"
  • Weight: 34 pounds
  • 120 Volts
  • 190 Watts 




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Consultant | Author | Teacher
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