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Raw Recipes

Anne Wigmore’s Basic Recipes

These recipes produce break proteins & carbohydrates into easily-digestible amino acids, starches and sugars. Plus they are rich in enzymes and "Life Force" - usually destroyed by cooking or processing. A diet of raw foods has been known to reverse disease and the effects of the Standard American Diet (SAD). Organic foods that promote vibrant health include: fruit, veggies, fresh raw juices, sprouted beans and seeds, nuts, pure water and clean air. "Life Force" is the information memory stored in live plants which can be absorbed by humans

1c wheat berries (organic soft white pastry wheat is best)
3c spring or filtered water.

Rinse wheat, remove floaters. Soak for 48 hrs. Pour off, rinse. Add 2c water to the same wheat, this time soak for 24 hrs. Soak 3 times. Keep in a dark place. Ferment to taste, tart not sour. Use any seed with hull. We can add a bundle of wheatgrass to while fermenting. Variations cause different results. Fermentation is faster in warm weather. Keeps for about 2 weeks in the refrigerator.

Seed Fermenting 





Ground Seed

1 cup

2 cups

2 cups


2 cups

2 cups

1/3 cup

Mix to consistency of

pancake mix

thick cottage cheese

thick dough

Fermenting Time

4-8 hours

12-24 hours

24-48 hours

If using spring water instead of rejuvelac, triple fermentation time. Cut veges can be added to taste. Mix the seed and rejuvelac to desired consistency, allow to ferment, this can be refrigerated 3 to 5 days.

Essene Bread
4c soaked wheatberries
1/2 c to 1c minced veges
2 T seasoning(caraway seed, poppy seed, sesame seed, garlic ect..).

Soak wheat 15 hrs, allow to drain 15 hrs. wheat left from rejuvelac process can be used! Grind the wheat, add veges, season on top, form loaf. "Bake" in the Sun or warm place (70-90 deg) until firm(12-24 hrs). Bread may need to be turned so that bottom will dry. Enjoy !

How to Grow Wheatgrass
(organic; hard red winter wheat, unhulled sunflower seed, buckwheat seed) Soak 8-15 hrs(for best results drain 8 hours before seeding). Spread 1 inch of soil in a tray, wet thoroughly but not muddy. Put 1 layer of seed touching each other. Cover 4-8 pieces of wet newspaper then plastic or another tray without paper. On the 4th day remove cover, water seeds, place in the sun. Water once a day. On the 7th day cut close to the base (vitamin rich). Grind for juice or chew and remove pulp. In good soil the wheat may come up once more. Compost the used sod face down.


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