How to Choose a Juicer
by Robert Ross, 4/22/08
Case for Raw Food Diet
Dallas Morning News, 4/7/08
Benefits Buying Organic
NY Times, 06/17/2007

Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce, 10/03
More Vitamin C in Organic Oranges, Amer.Chemical Society, 6/3/02
Science/Staying Healthy:
Time Magazine, 1/21/02
Organic Food Reduces Risk of Heart Attacks,
New Scientist
Scientific Analysis: Organic Food vs Supermarket Food, Jour. Applied Nutrition, 1993

Acrylamide in the News
Enzymes & Your Weight

Raw Food for Pets
Raw Food for Athletes
Raw Food & Cancer

by Robert Ross
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  • Living Nutrition Magazine - The premiere Living foods Magazine dedicated to teaching health seekers how to eat a natural diet of live raw fruits and vegetables and build superb health .
  • Rawtimes - One of the  web's first sites for raw foods, featuring lots of useful information, chat,email, shopping and more.
  • Gardenofhealth - Informative site with articles written by leading experts in the field. Learn why otrganic produce is so important, how to do a juice cleanse and  more.
  • Nature's First Law - Publishes great book on raw foods by some of the leading authors in the field, including David Wolfe, Stephen Arlin, Fouad Dini and more.
  • - Nature's  First Law website on raw food. Order rawfood books, videos, unique raw food products and other products. Good information from David Wolfe, one of the top raw food authors.
  • Ann Wigmore Foundation - Anne Wigmore was the founder of the modern raw-food or live-food movement, and  started several of the raw-food centers and resorts popular  today.
  • Hippocrates Health Institute - Pamper yourself in Florida at this luxurious raw-food retreat, offering highly effective live-food  based healing programs.
  • Tree of Live Rejuvenation  Center - In Arizona run by Dr. Gabriel Cousens, a top author and promponent of raw, live foods for healing, rejuvination and  longevity.
  • Optimum Health Institute - A non-profit organization in San Diego, CA and Austin,TX, offering an affordable residential healing program based on raw foods and  wheatgrass juice.
  • San Francisco Living Foods Enthusiasts - This may be the oldest Living Food Support Group around, and is probably the most active. Sign up for their email newsletter,  even if you don't live nearby!
  • Vegetarian Travel Guide  - Peter Fik's guide to traveling for vegetarians, offering lots of advice, articles and  travel tips. Don't forget to join their free travel club!
  • Raw Food and Natural Lifestyle Newsletter - REAL News features articles about alternative communities, spiritual growth, self-sufficiency, organic food growing, raw food recipes, making the transition to a raw food diet, interviews, book reviews, and more.
  • The Fresh  Network - A U.K. based Raw Food Network dedicated to the exchange of  education information, ideas and person experiences that help people change  their diet and lifestyle.
  • Living-Foods - One of the most informative sites featuring many recipes, articles, resources, links, testimonials, information and support! Register for free email, personal ads & more.
  • Wai Says - One of the most interesting Raw Food websites I’ve ever visited, and the best researched. Features numerous articles all footnoted with references to published scientific studies for every fact cited. Be prepared for alot of worthwhile reading. Mindblowing - don’t miss it!


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