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Samson Juicer

Samson Multi-Function Juicer
My Personal All-Time Favorite Juicer Value!





Omega 8006 Single Auger Juicer

Black & Chrome Designer Model

JUST $299.95
Reg. $349.95


with every juicer
$19.95 Value!

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  • Weight: 14.6 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 15"x12"x 7"
  • 120 V / AC / 60Hz
  • 160 W
  • Single Phase Induction Motor
  • Auger Speed: 80 RPM
  • Patented. Mill Type Single Gear auger
  • Squeezing Power: About 1.5 HP
  • Motor Capacity: 160 W (1/3 HP)
  • Gear Length, Total: 6-14/25"
  • Gear Length, Cutting Portion: 5-1/5"
  • Plunger: Plastic
  • Thick Plastic Housing with Melamine Gear, Metal Juice Screens in PC Frame
  • Push Button Controls
  • Parts to clean after use: 1 Gear, 1 Housing Piece, Screen, Pusher
  • Warranty: 10 Years for Motor, 5 Years for Other Parts


  • Noodle Nozzles: 2
  • Pasta Nozzles: 2
  • Juicing Nozzle
  • Mincing Nozzle
  • Juicing Screen
  • Mincing Cone:
  • Cups: 2
  • Brush
  • Pusher/Plunger
  • Sieve:
  • Fuse: 1 piece
  • Color Cook Book
  • Video Tape

SAVE $70!

NOW $229.95

Mfr. List $299.95

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in BLACK and
220/240 Volts
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The Samson 9001 Juicer is my absolute favorite value and the best bang for the buck for raw foodists! It is a low RPM multi-purpose, single gear juicer which masticates or chews your fruits and veggies, slowly squeezing the juice out to minimize oxidation and friction/heat. You can use this as a fruit or vegetable juicer as well as a wheatgrass juicer. You can also use it to mince and chop, grind and even make almond milk! Extract juice from celery, carrots, parsley, spinach, wheatgrass, apple, orange, kale, cucumber, ginger, sprouts and many other leafy greens! It can also extract from less obvious things such as pine needles and aloe. The low-speed protects flavors and high nutritional content from being destroyed by heat and oxidation. This is also the easiest juice to clean, by far - just 2-3 minutes and your done! Also makes nut butters. Made from durable FDA-approved plastics. 5 Year Parts Warranty, 10 Year Motor Warranty.

The Samson Multi-Function does all this:

 samson juicer wheatgrass


Juices Vegetables: carrots, celery, cabbage, cucumbers, beets, yams, jicama, sprouts such as kale, parsley, spinach, comfrey and more.

  samson juicers applications


Juices Most Fruits: apples, grapes, pears, melons, oranges, lemons and more.

 Samson Wheatgrass Juicer


Juices Wheatgrass and other leafy greens. The pulp is very dry, producing a high yield of nutritious juice.

  samson juicer oscar

Grinds and mixes seasonings like green onion, garlic, ginger, red pepper, radish, to create delicious, nutritious salsas.
Or you can mince meats or fish.

samson juicer application


Makes delicious frozen desserts.

samson juicer health


Makes noodles and pasta. You can add vegetable juice to the dough.
Make rice cakes (mochi), a type of glutinous rice cake using steamed rice.

 samson juicer juice


Grinds coffee beans. Some beans are more oily and can be ground after drying for a day.

Compare Samson with other low RPM juicers:

  • New, improved auger
  • 6 nozzles for juicing, mincing and making pasta noodles, etc.
  • 3 squeezing strength positions
  • Screen rib reinforcement assures a longer life
  • New, reinforced ribs on mincing cone assure a longer life
  • Upgraded, new pusher
  • Made of FDA approved polycarbonate and melamine which are extremely durable and hygienic. Samson is equipped with an upgraded low-speed mill-type gear which preserves as much flavor and nutritional value as possible. High-speed juicers destroy enzymes, flavor and reduce the nutritional value of vegetables and fruits.
  • It is the easiest of all low RPM juices to disassemble, clean and reassemble (from as little as 15 seconds to a couple of minutes).
  • You don't need to worry about overheating! A built-in control prevents overheating then automatically restarts when it has cooled down.
  • Comes with one of the best warranties in the industry: 5-years parts and labor, 10-years motor.

More Features:

  • Mechanism to Cut Stringy Fibers: Yes
  • Juicing Wheatgrass & Hard Vegetables: Yes
  • Continuous Juicing: Yes
  • Multipurpose Functions: Yes.
    Can be used to homogenize, make nut butters, bean curd (Tofu), sorbets, baby food, pasta noodles, and mocha.
  • Fine Screen for Vegetable Juicing: Yes
  • Juices Fruits / Vegetables: Yes
    With juicing screen attached, oranges, kiwis, wheatgrass, carrots, parsley can be juiced.
  • Coarse Screen for Juicing Soft Fruits Yes
    Pulp Adjustment Knob to control pressure on the pulp to product maximum juice amount.: Yes
  • Pulp in Juice? (When juicing carrots): Provides more of a pulp-free juice, with little pulp in the juice.
  • Staining: Green color screw not prone to staining
  • Juice Quality: Low-speed technology retains as much natural fruit/vegetable flavor and nutritional value as possible

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