How to Choose a Juicer
by Robert Ross, 4/22/08
Case for Raw Food Diet
Dallas Morning News, 4/7/08
Benefits Buying Organic
NY Times, 06/17/2007

Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce, 10/03
More Vitamin C in Organic Oranges, Amer.Chemical Society, 6/3/02
Science/Staying Healthy:
Time Magazine, 1/21/02
Organic Food Reduces Risk of Heart Attacks,
New Scientist
Scientific Analysis: Organic Food vs Supermarket Food, Jour. Applied Nutrition, 1993

Acrylamide in the News
Enzymes & Your Weight

Raw Food for Pets
Raw Food for Athletes
Raw Food & Cancer

by Robert Ross
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recommended reading:
educational and recipe books that I highly recommend.

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Favorites from my own library:

Raw : The Uncook Book
If your friends think raw food means eating like a rabbit, this is the book for them - packed with gourmet recipes from raw pizza to raw ice cream!

The Raw Gourmet This Hippocrates Health Institute inspired program provides introductions to living foods diet, food combining & preparation. Over 250 recipes.

Warming Up to Living Foods Practical info about living foods by Elysa Markowitz, host of public access TV show, Elysa's Raw & Wild Food Show.

Raw Power! Raw-food fitness, body-building, weight-lifting. Learn to build strength & stamina on a raw diet, why gorillas can press 4,000 pounds, why some body builders age pre-maturely, more!

Living Foods for Optimum Health By the director of Hippocrates Inst. in Florida, which has helped put cancer into remission with diet, this book makes the latest research on live food very accessible to everyone.

Conscious Eating The “encyclopedia” of live food with answers to virtually any question. Packed with the scientific information by one of the leaders in the live food movement

The Sunfood Diet Success System by David Wolfe Learn how to succeed on a raw, “sun food” food diet with this terrific book, especially for beginners. Covers physical, emotional, environmental & spiritual levels of a raw food life.

Raw Kids: Transitioning Children to a... Follow this Mom’s journey as she guides her family to raw foods and her son from Attention Deficit Disorder and medications to a normal healthy childhood!

Complete Book of Juicing: Your... Complete info on healing with fresh juices. 150+ recipes. with nutrition info., guide to fasting, how juices fight cancer, relieve arthritis, resist aging, lower cholesterol, more.

Ann Wigmore's Recipes...Longer Life The classic! Learn how to sprout and ferment foods. Transform seeds, nuts and grains into delicious sauces, cheeses and loafs. Excellent how-to sections.

Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe Beauty is more than the food we eat. It is in the thoughts we think and the actions we take. Great book!

Smoothies for Life! Yummy, Fun, and... Beat fatigue with Mocha Magic. Build endurance with Tropical Elixir. Lose weight with Almond Freeze. Many More! Learn recipes with antioxidant-rich fruits, healing tinctures, flavorful extracts, and natural sweeteners.

A Simple Celebration: A Vegetarian... Ginna Bell Bragg, chef at the Chopra Center for Well Being in La Jolla, California, and Dr. David Simon, director of clinical programs offer a practical vegetarian cookbook using  Ayurvedic principles. 140+ recipes, including some that are raw.

Regina's Vegetarian Table : Over 200... Regina's Table, from her PBS show & weekly column is based on her simple philosophy: "Enjoy!" and "Simplicity is the key." The result is a cookbook with enough diversity to appeal to raw foodists, veg- etarians and non-vegetarians.

The Peaceful Palate: Fine Vegetarian... Over 130 pages of recipes  for optimum health. Sections on protein myths, calcium, cutting fat, equipment, and more. Recipes for breads, salads sand-wiches, sauces, spreads, dips, soups vegetables, grains, more..

Sunfood Cuisine: A Practical Guide to... An intro to gourmet Sunfood delights designed by the French Raw Gourmet, Fred Patenaude. Companion to David Wolfe's Sunfood Diet Success System. Over 175 gourmet raw recipes, from soups and salads to dressings, nut milks, pies and even pasta.

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