New Article by Robert Ross:
The Live Food Live Water Connection

How to Buy
a Water Ionizer

Here are some of important things to consider when deciding which water ionizer to buy::

  • The number of plates which the water will contact inside the unit- The more contact, the better the results.
  • The power system used: Life's exclusive SMPS System is the same power unit that is used on HDTV’s and will provide longer, more consistent power.
  • The date the company started: Water ionizer technology is constantly changing. Life's 13 years of experience puts them on top of the latest technologies for making the best ionizers on the market.

How to Build
Your Own Water Ionizer!
Courtesy of eHow

do it yourself water ionizer

You can build your own low-cost basic water ionizer to enjoy many of the benefits of expensive models. Fun and educational fr a great for a science fair project or just to learn more about water ionizers. Difficulty: Moderately Challenging.

Things You'll Need:

* Two 1-gallon plastic storage containers
* One 2-inch PVC pipe
* Electrical wire
* Piece of chamois slightly larger than PVC pipe
* 12V or 24V power adapter
* Two crocodile clips
* Two 0.5-inch by 0.75-inch pieces of titanium (stainless steel is acceptable) to use as electrodes

Step 1: Set up the 2 1-gallon plastic containers next to each other and cut a 2-inch hole on the side of each one so that they line up and face each other.

Step 2: Insert the piece of chamois into the PVC pipe so that it fills the entire diameter of the pipe, and insert the pipe into the 2 holes you cut out of the plastic containers.

Step 3: Attach the titanium electrodes to some electrical wire.

Step 4: Attach the alligator clips to the 12V or 24V power system and to the wire that is running to the titanium electrodes.
Step 5
: Place a titanium electrode in each 1-gallon plastic container, and make sure the contact between the alligator clips and the wire running to the electrodes remain out of the water.

Step 6: Fill the containers with water from your faucet and turn on the power adapter. This initiates the ionizing process.

Step 7: Wait at least 2 hours and watch as the water separates into the 2 containers. The water in one container will turn brown and murky while the water in the other container will be clear and clean. Once the ionizing process is complete (up to 12 hours), the brown water is the acidized water and the clear water is the alkalinized water.

NOTES: A home-made ionizer takes much longer to ionize water than commercial systems since you use much smaller electrodes and less power. Commercial models ionize water instantly on demand.

Remember, this is moderately challenging project and exposes you to electrical current and water. Be careful and know exactly what you're doing before you build.

Weight Loss Secrets
of Ionized Water

Obesity has become an American obsession, and there is no shortage of self-styled experts offering weight loss solutions. None of the traditional weight loss programs address the root cause of obesity. The culprit, according to Dr. Robert O. Young, author of The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, is not calories, fats, carbohydrates, or laziness, it is excess acidity. The body retains fat as a protection against the overproduction of acids caused by the Standard American Diet. The secret to weight loss, says Dr. Young, is to decrease the body’s acidity by eating fresh, live alkaline-forming foods and drinking ionized alkaline water. This will balance your body’s pH, the measure of acidity.


Samson Juicer

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CNN interviews
Dr. Robert Young on pH

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My own Easy Weight Loss with Raw Food features over 100 delicious fast, easy recipes you can use to start a healthy more alkaline raw food diet. 170 recipes & more. Downloadable e-book.

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Free DVD

This is a full-length DVD with the facts about ionized water. Learn how a water ionizer works, the benefits of ionized water and see many testimonials.

NFL running back
“Femi” Ayanbadejo
Endorses Life Ionizers

.“I’m a person very interested in always giving myself the best to get as strong as fast and as quick as I can. The immediate thing I noticed ... I have a lot more energy and a lot more endurance. Not only was I running at a higher interval level but I also needed less recovery time, burning more calories in a shorter time period. The alkaline water got me through my workouts a lot quicker. I slept better; and to be honest I’ve also noticed my skin’s actually clearer than it was before. I’m functioning at a higher level and recovering quicker – everything has improved; I’ve taken myself to another level. Those are the immediate things I’ve noticed within the first month of using the Life Ionizer. A lot of different water systems claim they do this or that but no one can meet what Life Ionizer does."

Vitamin C Technology Eliminates Chlorine & Adds Antioxydants to Your Water


This drawing show how the anti-oxidant molecule of Vitamin C effectively converts a free radical molecule of chlorine into a harmless chloride by the process of a simple electron transfer. This stops free radicals in chlorinated water from creating a chain reaction when they come into contact with your skin. The LIFE 7600 uses an all natural dechlorinating medium that neutralizes chlorine & most chloramines from your drinking water by adding a precise amount of pure pharmaceutical quality Vitamin C to your water. You get the best of both worlds - safe, effective chlorine removal PLUS the many benefits of drinking one of world's most powerful antioxidants - Vitamin C!


Why Bottled Water Is NOT The Answer!

The multinational corporations that market bottled water today, such as Big Cola, only enter markets that are growing and profitable., With consumption of bottled water in the U.S.mire than doubling in just ten years, from 13.5 gallons per person in 1997 to 29.3 gallons per person in 2007, bottled water is the now second only to carbonated soft drinks in annual sales, with billions of gallons sold every year, making bottled water a multi-billion dollar business.

Yet, like many of the things that these companies do, the water they give us that is supposed to be healthier may actually not be. In fact, some studies have shown bottled water is WORSE than tap water!

  • 25% of bottled water is nothing more than filtered city water.
  • 22% of bottled water tested in a study contained contaminants above state limits.
  • Reverse osmosis used to "purify" some bottled water strips everything out of the water -- the bad AND the good. Healthy minerals are eliminated and the water is now acidic which is bad for your health.
  • The pH level of bottled water is below optimum levels or even acidic!
  • The FDA tests bottled water for impuritie but is not required to monitor the water's pH level.
  • Neutral water has a pH balance of 7 and an ideal pH level for drinking water 9.5.
  • Dr. Robert Young tested 60 of the best-known bottle water brands and only two had a pH level at or above 9.5, and 30 (including best-known brands such as Fiji, Aquafina, and Perrier) had a pH level below 7.0, meaning they actually are acidic.[1]
  • The age of bottled water affects its pH level, as do changes in temperature and exposure to oxygen
  • Plastic bottles harm the environment and can leach toxins into the water.
  • Most plastic water bottles are not recycled. The vast majority (80%) ends up in landfills.
  • Distribution of bottled water burns fossil fuels and results in the release of thousands of tons of emissions.
  • The filtration and processing of bottled water consumes large amounts of electricity.
  • The plastic used to make water bottles-polyethylene terephthalate (PET)-is derived from oil and generates 100 times the amount of toxic emissions as glass.

[1] Young, Dr. Robert O., The pH Miracle for Weight Loss. New York: Grand Central Publishing, 2005, pp. 65-68.

Important LIFE Ionizer Certifications & Features:

  • Physicians Desktop Reference: LIFE Ionizers is the only ionizer on the market that is listed in the PDR. The Physicians Desktop Reference is the definitive guide for nonprescription drugs, dietary supplements, and herbs used by doctors. Click here for the press release
  • UL Certification: Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an independent product safety certification organization that has been testing products and writing Standards for Safety for over a century. UL evaluates more than 19,000 types of products, components, materials and systems annually with 21 billion UL Marks appearing on 72,000 manufacturers' products each year. The UL certification is the standard in safety to ensure the device you are using is safe to operate. Whether it is an ionizer, TV, or a stereo, everything should have the UL symbol.
  • Better Business Bureau: LIFE Ionizer (Earthtrade Water) is the only ionizer company in America with an A+ rating by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). BBB is the resource to turn to for objective, unbiased information on businesses. Their network of national and local BBB operations allows them to monitor and take action on thousands of business issues affecting consumers at any given time.
  • Vitamin C Ceramic Ball Filter Technology: LIFE Ionizers are the only machines on the market that have this technology. With the LIFE Ionizer Vitamin C filter you get the best of both worlds. Perfect chlorine removal PLUS any benefits that may stem from being exposed to one of Earth's most powerful antioxidants - Vitamin C! The LIFE Ionizer Vitamin C filter is also a great Chloramine filter.
  • UV Light Disinfection: LIFE Ionizers are the only machines on the market that offer this feature. UV light disinfection effectively kills bacteria, viruses, mold spores, fungi, oocysts (cryptospridium and giardia), and other microbiological contaminants giving your water that extra layer of purification.

Bigger Isn't Always Better
The Truth About Plate Size

It seems that every ionizer company claims to have the biggest plates - or the most surface area. Even if plates are a little bigger it doesn't mean anything withut enough power - and most ionizers on the market barely can eke out 85 watts of power! The LIFE 7600 offers up to 208 watts of adjustable power!

if you have more power sent to the plates to perform the electrolysis-ionization process, the more efficient and better results you will enjoy. That means higher pH and better –ORP (antioxidants) resulting in healthier water. It simply does not make a difference how big your plates are if you do not have enough power for them to work!

Switched-Mode Power Supply

LIFE Ionizers™ are powered by the most advanced power supply available today—the same kind of power supply used to preserve the longevity of delicate electronic equipment such as HDTV. This advanced system is known as switched-mode power supply (SMPS). Unlike a standard power transformer, SMPS regulates voltage by turning the flow of electricity on and off at an extremely fast rate. With a standard transformer, the power is always flowing. When it flows too high, it is absorbed by a "pass" power transistor. A SMPS regulator rapidly switches a power transistor between saturation (full on) and cut off (completely off). The flow of electricity is an average between full on and completely off. As a result, the power transistor does not have to dissipate excess power. Since the power supply is at “full off” about half the time, an SMPS consumes much less power and generates less heat than a traditional transformer does. The steady supply also causes less wear and tear on delicate electronic components. As a result, your LIFE Ionizer™  lasts longer and uses less power than competing equipment.


My Ridiculous, Unheard of Personal Guarantee

1 year guarantee

Imagine yourself 3 or 4 weeks from now. You've had a Life 4100 not for 14 days (a typical store guarantee). You've had it for a full 30 days - long enough to drinks dozens of gallons, experience some health benefits and perhaps even shed some unwanted weight! All I ask is that you give it a fair trial!

A full month from now you can decide for any reason, or no reason at all, that you aren’t 100% thrilled with your dehydrator and get a prompt, courteous refund of the full purchase price. No hassles. And keep the freebies.

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LIFE Ionizers latest high technology systems are so well-built that they confidently offer Full Three (3) Years Warranty with all parts and labor. Their Titanium plates and the calcium for the filters are from Japan. The machines are manufactured in South Korea.


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Good4U 10 Tray Dehydrator

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My Personal Favorite Water Ionizer Value!

The purest water comes from remote springs far from the contamination that corrupts most water sources today. But if you don't live in the middle of nowhere, what is your family going to drink? If you're thinking "bottled water," think again! Many are just processed municipal water. And fancy bottled waters are more expensive than gasoline. Most water filters don't do the trick either, merely removing some chlorine and chemicals, and the ones that do work don't restore the alkalinity essential to healthy water. To give your family health-giving, alkaline water there is only one reliable, safe and affordable long-term) solution - MAKE IT YOURSELF!

One of the most important benefits of a raw food diet is that it is "alkaline forming." The standard American Diet (SAD) is an "acid-forming" diet, which leads to dis-ease. Yet after spending weeks or months, perhaps even years, learning to eat raw food - WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING? After working so hard to become more alkaline, is your water neutral pH - or worse, even acidic?

If you are drinking bottled water, you may not be getting all the benefits you think you are (see article Why Bottled Water Is NOT The Answer below). If you have a water filter on your faucet, you may also not be getting what you think you are! Even if you are using reverse osmosis or distillation to purify your water, you are not getting the results you should be getting! Here's why:

Many major brands of bottled water are nothing more than filterred tap water. Many bottled water products are even more contaminated than the tap water they start out with! Reverse osmosis systems and steam distillers may remove contamiants - but they also remove everything else, including the important minerals that make living, natural water alkaline - actually making your water acidic!

So the more we learn about water, we learn that there is a similar difference betwen living water and dead water just like there is between living food and dead food. Live, raw food is naturally alkaline forming and free of toxins. Live water is similar, excpet that it is hard to find these days. Even in rural environments, the natural water is no longer safe to drink and has been processed and chlorinated to the point that it is no longer live "raw" water. It is "cooked" or processed - and is now more toxic than healthy in many cases! So it is essential, if you want to take responsibility for your own well-being, that you not only eat raw, live food, but that you drink "raw" live, alkaline water. And there is only one reliable, safe and affordable(in the long term) way to get that - make it yourself!

But with all the hype about water ionizers on the Internet today,and coming from all the MLM (multilevel marketing) companies, it is almost impossible to know what to think or whom to trust. So before I decided to offer my trsuting readers a water ionizer, I decided to personally research and test several of them myself. The most affordable model that I recommend is the LIFE 4100. I believe this model offers the best overall value in the market!

The Life 4100 is a counter top unit, that it incorporates the most important of the latest technolgies in the ionizer industry. Take the time to read all the information on this page to learn how water ionizers work, what they do and why, how to buy one and more. By the time you are done, I am sure you will agree with me that the Life 4100 is the best value-priced model available. And you have nothing to lose if you decide later you don't agree, thanks to my unconditional 60-day personal guarantee!

Click here for my Water Ionizer Comparison Chart


Non Stick SheetsClicking Buttons is a thing of the past with the new Soft-Touch Ionizer setting controls! Have a small household? The NEW LIFE Ionizer™ 4100 offers a low-cost solution for homes with minimal water requirements, yet it retains advanced features such as artificial intelligence, dual filtration, and automatic cleaning features.

1. High-Tech Plate Design: The LIFE™ 4100™ has 5 Platinum-coated titanium plates: 99.95% Platinum coated, the same as the overpriced Enagic® (The term Enagic® is registered trademark of Enagic® Co. Ltd.)

2. Four levels of alkaline water, three levels of acidic, and one purify mode.
There's a pH level for every one in your household!

3. Full function LED when water flow begins.
Display is easy to read, and only turns on when you power on your unit, saving you on electricity costs.

4. Flow rate indicator and a heat sensor to prevent overheating.
This means that your ionizer won't overheat and leave you waiting for hours for it to cool down. LIFE™ was the first ionizer company to use Switched Mode Power Supply in their units, and continues to lead the industry in energy-efficient ionizers.

5. Automatic sensing of incoming water pressure.
If you turn on your LIFE™ ionizer, but forget to turn on the water source attached to your LIFE™ ionizer, the ionizer will automatically shut off . This convenient automatic shut-off feature means that your LIFE™ 4100 will save you money on your electric bill if you should accidentally turn on your unit when the water is shut off!

6. One touch display.
You don't need to be a rocket scientist to operate this ionizer. Touch on. Dispense Alkaline water. Touch off. Drink. Repeat.

7. SMPS- Power source that replaces old fashioned transformer. Same high tech electrical system that powers High Definition Television. SMPS energy efficient power conversion in water ionizers produces better quality water and extends system life .

8. Automatic Cleaning .
Your LIFE Ionizer's automatic intelligence function remembers what your last pH setting was when you used your ionizer. You'll hear a voice prompt telling you that "the machine is cleaning itself," and then your chosen pH setting will begin dispensing after 5 seconds of cleaning. This convenient automatic cleaning cycle means that your LIFE 4100™ Ionizer has a built-in maintenance function for quality control and for your peace of mind.

9. pH of up to 10.8 .
At this level, look for the reagent drops to turn deep purple. This means SUPER ALKALINE POWER!

All the Quality of a High-End Model at a Low, Affordable Price!

How Ionizers Work

The first task is to help filter out harmful components of the water with a built-in dual filter system which remove chlorine, trihalomethanes, phenols, sediment, odor, taste, and organic waste. The Life Ionizer achieves this by using multi-stage filters. Then the filtered water passes into a patented chamber equipped with platinum-coated titanium plates. Next, an electrical charge is introduced into this water. Ectrolysis separates the water into two streams (acid and alkaline) of ionized water. The acid water (oxidized) makes up about 30% of the water and the alkaline water 70%. The reduced ionized alkaline water comes out of the faucet. The acid (oxidized) water comes out of a separate hose leading into the sink. Cations, positively charged ions gather at the negative electrode to create alkaline water, which concentrates available alkaline minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium from the source water. Anions, negatively charged ions gather at the positive electrode to make acid or oxidized water, which concentrates acid minerals such as nitrates, sulfides, chlorides, and fluorides from the source water. Remember in chemistry class, opposites attract. A range of pH settings from neutral to very alkaline or very acid is available at the touch of a button. The electrodes are cleaned in an automatic cleaning cycle or you can also run a manual cleaning cycle. The electrolysis process breaks the molecular bonding of water molecules and restructures the water clusters from usual groups of 12 or so down to about 5 or 6 molecules per water cluster. "Clustered" water is typically characterized by smaller groups of molecules, lower surface tensions and thus can more easily penetrate the cellular membrane. This clean, healthy, alkaline ionized water is drawn for drinking and cooking through the main stainless steel spout.

The process of electrolysis

  • Water ionizers run water-already filtered to remove contaminants-over positive and negative electrodes in a process known as electrolysis.
  • The electrodes ionize the water, negatively and positively, creating acidic and alkaline water at the same time.
  • Acidic water is shunted into one chamber while alkaline water is shunted into another.


  • Water molecules typically cluster in groups of 11 to 16 molecules
  • Water ionizers break large water molecule clusters apart, creating smaller clusters of 5 to 6 molecules.
  • Smaller clusters of water molecules are more easily absorbed at the cellular level, improving hydration and detoxification, as well as improving the delivery of nutrients at a cellular level.

Both alkaline and acidic water have benefits.

  • Alkaline water is ideal for drinking, cleaning vegetables, and cooking. Its antioxidant properties promote health.
  • Acidic water is a natural cleanser.
  • Used as a rinse when washing your hair, acidic water helps the scalp, reduces tangles and gives hair a radiant shine. It also helps the hair and skin of pets.
  • In higher concentrations, acidic water has strong disinfecting properties and can be used for cleaning around the house and for cleaning toothbrushes, hands, and even as a mouth wash.
  • Using acidic water to wash your face can improve the complexion of your skin as it works as a natural astringent and removes dirt and oil without the use of chemicals. Acidic water can also relieve dry and itchy skin, and expedite the healing process of cuts, scrapes, insect bites, rashes, athletes foot, nail fungus, blisters, acne, eczema, bisters, and poison oak/ivy irritation.
  • Use acidic water to wash and rinse your hair, as it is great for your scalp and addresses dandruff.
  • Acidic water can be used as an antiseptic for abrasions, cuts, and a mouth wash to assist in removing plauqe from teeth.
  • Wash your fruits, vegetables, and meats to effectively kill bacteria.
  • Watering your plants and vegetables with acidic water will promote growth and reduce fungus. Cut flowers will last longer in acidic water.

About pH and ORP

1. The American diet is extremely acidic.

  • Meat, including beef, pork, chicken and turkey are acidic.
  • Dairy such as milk, butter and cheese are acidic.
  • Grains such as rice and barley are acidic.
  • Beverages such coffee, tea, and soft drinks are very acidic.
  • Fruit and fruit juices contain high concentrations of acid.
  • Simple carbohydrates such as potatoes, pasta, and bread contain large amounts of acids.

2. Acidity in the body is related to disease.

  • Acid reflux is a painful condition that occurs when acidic stomach liquid backs up (refluxes) into the esophagus, causing irritation, inflammation and damage to the lining of the esophagus
  • High cholesterol occurs when the body produces excessive amounts of cholesterol to neutralize large amounts of acids in the blood stream before they damage living cells.
  • Heart disease is the result of a build-up of cholesterol in the coronary arteries that reduces the blood flow to the heart muscle. As stated above, cholesterol forms to product the arterial wall from acidity in the blood.
  • Fat is produced by the body to trap and neutralize acidic waste in the body. As Dr. Robert O. Young, author of The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, puts it, "The body retains fat as a protection against the overproduction of acids produced by the typical American diet....Your fat is actually saving your life."
  • Inflammatory related diseases such as allergies, arthritis, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, and even stroke are related to low-grade metabolic acidosis.

Drinking alkaline water can help restore your body's pH balance and reduce its acidity.

3. Your Drinking water should have a negative ORP measurement.

  • The value of ORP quantifies the amount of energy in water by numbering electrons.
  • ORP values are expressed as millivolts, or mV.
  • Drinking water should have a negative mV number of at least -50mV.
  • Water with an ORP of -50mV will have enough negative ions to attract and neutralize excess acids.

4. Your Drinking water should have a pH level at or above 9.5.

  • pH is the measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution.
  • pH measures the concentration of hydrogen and hydroxide ions on a scale from 0 to 14, with 7.0 considered neutral.
  • Pure water at 25 °C has an equal concentration of dissolved hydrogen ions (H+) and hydroxide ions (OH-) and is considered "neutral."
  • Solutions with a pH level below 7.0 are acids.
  • Solutions with a pH level above 7 are bases (alkaline).

The healthy human body contains both acids and bases. The organs maintain the pH of arterial blood between 7.35 and 7.45. To counteract the amount of acids consumed by eating, drinking, and breathing, the body will take alkaline substances from other body parts, such as bone. By drinking alkaline water, you are able to counteract the intake of acids and help the body regulate its pH in a more healthy way.

Alkaline Water Benefits

Restores the pH balance in the body.

  • Alkaline water can neutralize the acidity of the body caused by stress, modern diet, air pollution, and many bottled waters. Click here for the truth about bottled water.
  • A higher pH in the body reduces the need for fat and cholesterol to protect the body from damaging acids.Click here for weight loss information.
  • Alkaline water is negatively charged and an "antioxidant." Antioxidants reduce cellular and DNA damage caused by free radicals.Click here for anti-aging information.
  • Negatively charged alkaline water creates energy by giving up ions to positive ions.
  • Alkaline water tastes lighter with a pleasantly sweet flavor.
  • Using water with a higher pH level improves the taste of beverages and food.
  • Cooking with alkaline water improves the taste and quality of foods and using acidic
    water when boiling eggs improves their quality. Click here for more information on acidity within the American diet.

Provides superior hydration and nutrition at the cellular level.

  • Ionization breaks clusters of water molecules into smaller micro-clusters, reducing the size of the clusters from the 11-16 molecules in standard water to just 5-6 molecules in ionized water. Smaller clusters pass through cell walls more easily and hydrate the cells more quickly.
  • Faster hydration allows the body to regulate its temperature more efficiently.
  • Micro-clusters of mineral-bearing ionized water also deliver nutrients more efficiently to the cells.
  • Detoxifies cells more efficiently than standard drinking water.
  • Due to their smaller size, micro-clusters of ionized water molecules are expelled from the cells more efficiently, carrying damaging toxins out of the cells and flushing them out of the system.
  • The negative charge of ionized alkaline water will attract the positive ions of acids and neutralize them within the body. Click here for more information on detoxification within the body.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • Five (5) Platinum double-coated Titanium plates with four (4) alkaline, two (3) acidic and one (1) purified mode  for high levels of pH and ORP (anti-oxidants).
  • SMPS Power System - Same high-tech system that powers HDTV (High Definition Television) and replaces the old fashioned transformer, improving water quality and extending system life.
  • NEW! Vitamin C Ceramic filter technology.
  • Flow rate indicator and a heat sensor prevents overheating
  • Full function LED when water flow begins.
  • Automatic cleaning.
  • Built in pH indicator.

* PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase the LIFE 4100 it may still say 4000 on the unit and the box.


  • Installation: Countertop with diverter for standard kitchen faucet
  • Power System: SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply
  • Plate Quantity: Five (5)
  • pH Output: up to 10.8 (will vary on source water)*)
  • ORP Output : up to -800 (will vary based on source water)*)
  • Plate Design: Traditional Solid
  • Plate Materials : Titanium dipped in Platinum: 99.95% Platinum coated:
  • Single Filter System with nine (3) stages
  • Filter Life: 8-12 months (will vary based on water source)
  • Settings: 7 Modes - four levels of alkaline, two acidic and one purify mode
  • Cleaning Cycle : Self Cleaning (machine runs acidic cleaning cycle when turned on)
  • Machine Life: 20 years
  • Protection : Flow rate indicator and heat sensor to prevent overheating

*Results can vary due to temperature of the water, temperature of the air, electro-magnetism, and mineral content

The Authorized LIFE Dealer gold seal on this website confirms that you are dealing with an Authorized LIFE Dealer and that the products carry the full manufacturer’s warranty as included with each LIFE Ionizer. I AM AN AUTHORIZED LIFE DEALER! Watch out for unauthorized sellers! If you buy from a seller that isn't authorized, you will not get my 60-Day Unconditional Guarantee or the Lifetime Warranty!

How to tell if a dealer is not authorized: Check the price. The manufacturer's Minimum Authorized Price (MAP) is $1,197. Less than that is not authorized. Though I sell at the MAP, I give you extras worth over $50.00 plus an unheard of 60-Day Money Back Guarantee! So this really is the best overall value you'll find!

I include more free accessories, my personal guarantee, the manufacturer's full Warranty, 2 FREE e-books,. inlcuding my own book that I sell every day for $19.95, and much more - WORTH OVER $50.00! Real value is more than just price and I give you the best value. Guaranteed!

The Raw Truth - Testing the Competition

Enagic® VS. LIFE Ionizer® 7500 Test (Conducted on 8-26-08)






Enagic® is a registered trademark of Enagic, Co., Ltd and is in no way affiliated with LIFE IonizersTM



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