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Good4U Door Blank

Let's you remove any 2 trays for larger
items, raising dough, yogurt, more!

You've been asking for a door blanks for months and here it is   This custom-fitted door blank is designed to close the front when you remove 2 shelves for large items or making yogurt (additional blanks available in my eBay store). The durable clear plastic lets you see through the front and just snaps right over the front of the unit wherever you have removed any two trays. It also lets you create the perfect tool for raising bread - right inside your Good4U dehydrator. Just remove the 2 bottom trays, put a shallow pan of water on the bottom, insert a tray directly above the water and put the bowl of dough on the tray. Cover the dough with a cloth to keep it from drying out. Set the thermostat at 115ºF and allow the dough 30 to 60 minutes to rise.

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FREE Door Blank


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How to Use a Dehydrator

Before you start dehydrating you should know  the difference between air temperature and food temperature. You see, when you first start dehydrating something, evaporation keeps the food in the dehydrator COOLER than the temperature of the air in the dehydrator. In general, food will be around 20° F cooler.

I recommend setting your dehydrator at a higher temperature for a few hours then turning it down. This helps avoid fermentation and reduces the time food is in the dehydrator - the longer you leave something in  a dehydrator the greater the risk that enzymes can be destroyed or mold can grow, even at lower temperatures.

Temperatures and times also vary geographically. You need  to experiment see what works best for you and where you live. Some humid areas need higher temperatures. Dry, hot arid areas may need lower!

Personally, I start at 115-125° F depending on thickness and moisture  content, and then turn the thermostat down to 105-110° F until the recipe is as dry as I want.

Raw Flax Crackers

These are are a great source of vital essential fatty acids and great for dips or snacks. They are a staple in my own diet!  First, soak your flax seeds for 4-6 hours in spring water. Add your choice of seasonings then place in the dehydrator on non-stick sheets.  Run the dehydrator for five to six hours, then using a dull butter knife score the crackers into squares and flip them over. Finally run it for another five to six hours.


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