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by Robert Ross
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Easy Weight Loss with Raw Food

Learn How I lost 75 lbs. in Just
3 Months with Raw Food

How I Lost 75 lbs in 3 mos.By Robert Alan Ross
Raw Food Author/Teacher/Consultant

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I really did lose 75 lbs in 3 months just eating raw foods. Here's how!

After struggling with an illness for years that slowed my metabolism, I gained more weight than ever. I got most of my health back on an 80% raw food diet that I maintained for five years, with lots of cleansing and detoxifying along the way. I finally woke up one day and realized that it was time to go 100% raw - I just didn't desire cooked foods any more. It was like stepping out of a "fat suit" into my real body. I kept most of it off for about 2-3 years on a raw food diet, but after a major life transition I started slipping (which is natural for all of us from time to time). I slowly dropped to 90% raw, then 80%, then 50% - you can guess the rest. Over the next three or four years I gained back about 50 lbs. So last year I bit the bullet and did a 3-week inttensive raw food cleansing program, losing 15 lbs. After that I went back on a strict raw diet and lost another 25 lbs. in two months. It wasn't as spectacular as the first 75 I lost, but it was just what my body needed!

Easy, Natural Weight Loss with Raw Food includes all the recipes that I used to lose all that weight, and many more - and it was both delicious and effortless. The key for me this time round was to keep it really, really simple. Foods had to be quick and easy to prepare - Raw Food for Dummies will be my next book, I think. Maybe another website!

Though I have written lots of articles and taught raw food for years, this is actually my very first real book! So it isn't fancy. I just filled it with lots of the info I've picked up over the years - stumbling in the dark at first, going in and out of raw food, struggling with new food preparation techniques and more. It's just my own experience, mistakes, self-education, research - and hopefully a few insights you won't get anywhere else.

In Easy, Natural Weight Loss with Raw Food you'll learn on the benefits of a raw food lifestyle, how it helps with weight loss and how to do it yourself. Enjoy over 170 fast, easy to prepare recipes, including delicious smoothies, unique raw salads and slaws, like California Jicama Salad. Enjoy delicious dressings like Macadamia Cream Dressing. Of course, there are great appetizers, from Guacamole to Raw Hummus. And plenty of outstanding raw soups, including Red Pepper Gazpacho. For entrees, how about a Raw Pizza! Then for your main dish, try the Mock Salmon" Patties - they're one of my favorites! Finally, Raw Desserts like Banana Ice Cream or Carob fudge will convince you that there's no need to sacrifice to become raw! There's even a recipe for a Raw Birthday Cake! You'll even find special sections with raw recipes for the holidays, raw food essentials like rejuvilac and raw recipes for the other members of your household - your pets! Plus much more!

Of course results vary from person to person, and may change with what's going on in your life - like they did for me.

Imagine! I eat as much I want as long as it is raw, whole, live food - and I never worry about my weight. Individuals will vary of course, so my experience may not be the same for you. Exceptions include people with digestive or glandular disorders - though they will probably do better on raw, live foods. (Remember, when you first start eating more raw foods, you may need awhile to cleanse, detoxify and rebuild your digestive system before noticing substantial weight loss.)

Learn how raw food helped me lose weight almost as an after-thought! Over 170 fast & easy recipes make going raw easier than ever without sacrificing taste. Includes a special section on Raw Food for the Holiday Season and Raw Pet Recipes. 104pp. (Downloadable E-Book)


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