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by Robert Ross
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Weight Loss


Here’s the bottom line for weight loss: with a healthy digestive system, it is virtually impossible to be gain weight on with whole, raw, live foods!

Imagine that! You can eat anything you want, as much as you want (as long as it is raw, whole, live food) and not gain an ounce in most cases. Exceptions include people with digestive or glandular disorders - though they will probably do better on raw, live foods. (When you first start eating more raw foods, you may need awhile to cleanse, detoxify and rebuild your digestive system before noticing substantial weight loss.)

A weight problem is not an isolated issue, but is part of your "whole being.” An imbalance in one part of the body effects your entire system. Weight is a symptom of what is going on with your elimination system, glandular system, emotions, sleep patterns,  stress levels, liver, colon, skin, lungs, blood, spirit and chi or energy levels.

The enzymes found naturally in whole, live, raw foods help with obesity at the "whole being" level. You see, enzymes do much more in your body than hel;p digest food. Enzymes are responsible for  every single chemical reaction in every single cell of your body. All your minerals, herbs, vitamins and hormones cannot do their jobs without enzymes. Your can’t lift an arm or think one thought without the help of enzymes. In fact, you could say that enzymes are, biologically speaking, the source of life. A diet without a source of live enzymes is removed from the source of life. Things removed from their source of life slowly begin to die. For us, that leads to dis-ease, excessive weight gain, depression - many of the maladies that plague us today.

One of the magic bullets for easy weight loss is simply the action of enzymes. For example, lipase, a fat splitting enzyme, is found abundantly in raw, live foods. However, few of us eat enough raw foods to get enough lipase to burn even a normal amount of fat, not to mention any excess. Lipase helps your body in digestion, fat distribution and fat burning for energy. Lipase breaks down and dissolves fat throughout the body. Without lipase, fat stagnates and accumulates. You can see it on your hips, thighs, buttocks and the stomach.

Protease is another enzyme for maintaining a healthy body. Protease helps break down proteins and eliminate toxins. Eliminating toxins is essential when you are burning fat. Your body stores excess toxins in body fat. As your body begins to burn this fat the toxins are released into your system. This can sometimes cause water retention and bloating. Since Protease attacks and eliminates toxins, it is crucial to have plenty of protease during fat loss.

Also, common sense tells us that if you cannot get enough nutrition from the food you take in, which is what happens when you cook food, your body receives a signal that it needs to store fat to prevent starvation and will hold on to even more fat. It will also send a signal that you are hungry. This results in a vicious cycle of eating more and more and still feeling hungry. Combine the physical effects with the mental effects of poor digestion and insufficient enzymes with your natural reaction to all of this emotionally and It can lead to eating disorders, depression and anxiety as well.

if you eat close to 100% fresh raw, whole foods, then you get adequate nutrition and enough enzymes to digest your foods properly. if you eat cooked foods, you’ll be eating dead foods that have NO enzymes. That means your body must scavenge enzymes for digestion from other metabolic processes in your body, wasting energy and resources. However, living food enzymes will over time restore energy and stamina and rebuild your healthy metabolism of all nutrients, including fats. When you feel better physically, you’ll feel better emotionally, too.

Today’s modern lifestyle KILLS enzymes in more ways than just cooking food. Stress can damage enzymes. Food additives can kill them. Frequent air travel, work outs, coffee breaks, air pollution, food irradiation and poor sleep - all kill enzymes. No wonder we are enzyme deficient! So eating raw, live, enzyme-rich foods is more than just a weight loss or digestion issue - it affects your whole life, your whole being. In fact, you’ll even be happier - and have more fun!


In today’s world, raw food competes not only with cooked foods, but with CONVENIENCE foods. How many diet plans have been abandoned by millions because they were not convenient, let alone fun!

ForeverGreen offers many products that give you the best of both worlds - whole food products that taste great AND are convenient to use! These are dehydrated, mostly organic and live, raw foods in convenient form - shipped right to your door. For more info, CLICK HERE.


How I lost 75 lbs in
3 months just
eating Raw Foods

After struggling with chronic fatigue for years, which slowed my metabolism, I gained more weight than ever before. I got most of my health back on a diet that averaged about 80% raw foods, with lots of cleans- ing and detoxifying. But after four years eating mostly raw, I still had a long way to go.

I finally woke up one day and realized that it was time to go 100% raw - it was like stepping out of a fat suit into my real body. The fat was disappearing, almost magically, virtually overnight. I didn’t even exercise (though I do now). Of course, years of cleansing, detoxifying and rebuilding my digestive and immune systems prepared my body for losing a lot of weight and - even more importantly - keeping it off.

In fact, I was dropping weight so fast I had to eat lots of nuts, olives and avocados to slow it down. Over the next few months I lost 75 lbs. I kept that weight off for almost two years. Since then, it has been an ongoing struggle - yes, even for me. Though I have kept most of it off on a mostly raw diet (90-100% raw), I have a tendency to occasionally fall off the wagon - like most normal people! So last year, after gaining back about 50 lbs., I went did a 3-week cleanse and a strict raw diet, and lost about 35 lbs. in about two months. Of course results vary from person to person, and may change with what's going on in your life - like they did for me.

This isn't magic - it's enzymes! My metabolism slows down when I make less-than-optimal food choices, then kicks back in when I go back to what I know is right. I think it's perfectly normal to slip occasionally, so long as I get back on track eventually. Raw food works for me, and I decided to make it my life’s mission to help it work for you, too!









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