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NY Times, 06/17/2007

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Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce, 10/03
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Chemical Society, 6/3/02
Science of Staying Healthy:
Time Magazine, 1/21/02
Organic Food Reduces Risk of Heart Attacks,
New Scientist
Cooks Discover Non- Cooking, NY Times, 4/11/01
Scientific Analysis: Organic Food vs Supermarket Food, Journal Applied Nutrition, 1993


My dream is not only to provide plenty of science and education but to contribute more to the raw community as an author & teacher. If you’d like to support what I am doing, consider buying some of my new, hand-chosen raw products. These are products I have tried personally or use myself every day. If you prefer, please make a donation!

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Dislaimer does not give medical advice, diagnose diseases or suggest "treatments." We believe your body has the inner wisdom to naturally achieve optimal health and heal itself when supported with a diet rich in whole, live, raw foods. If you have any medical conditions or questions, please ask a health professional to review the extensive information and scientific references available on this web site and those on available through our Links before making any radical lifestyle or dietary changes.

Remember, a raw food diet is not a magic bullet. It is part of a wholestic approach to experiencing your whole being’s wellness that takes time to learn and incorporate into your life.  Though you may experience many positive changes right away, you may have to thoroughly cleanse and heal your body’s digestion, elimination and immune systems before you fully experience all the benefits of raw food -- and you may feel worse or weaker at first while your body cleanses decades of toxins, excess fat and dis-ease. In most cases, this is perfectly normal and is even a good thing!

It may be helpful to periodically support your body’s cleansing with appropriate colon therapies, fasting and other cleansing regimens. There are several helpful products available from ForeverGreen and Juice Plus. Remember to drink plenty of clean water. If you experience difficulty when starting a raw food regimen, please feel free to e-mail us, and always consult your health professional.

The GOOD NEWS is that when your body and mind are finally free from toxins and dis-ease, you can experience a new level of health, more energy, increased happiness and greater longevity - a whole new quality of life that is a reflection of the responsibility, time and commitment you put into it.

Some of my Articles with Scientific References for your Health Professional:


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* does not offer medical advice or "treatments." I believe your body has the inner wisdom to naturally achieve optimal health and heal itself when supported with a diet of whole, live raw foods. If you have any medical conditions or questions, please ask your health professional to review the extensive information & research on the web and this site before making any major lifestyle or dietary changes. Click Here to read more about this.

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