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Organic Food Reduces Risk of Heart Attacks,
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My dream is not only to provide plenty of science and education but to contribute more to the raw community as an author & teacher. If you’d like to support what I am doing, consider buying some of my new, hand-chosen raw products. These are products I have tried personally or use myself every day. If you prefer, please make a donation!

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Forever Green is 
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Finally raw food is more convenient again! BrainGarden’s Food First products are now available from their new company, ForeverGreen. Once again you can order raw, delicious Pulse Bars, Pulse Cups, organic chocolates, Colloidal Silver, plus the great super-green products Dynamic Plus and Probiotic Plus. Order right from the convenience of your PC, and sign up as a member for added discounts.

Their outstanding ForeverYoung Essential Oils are available, of course. But you’ll also find a whole range of amazing new products, Like FrequenSea, a whole food marine phytoplankton food supplement with 400 times the energy of any known plant - whales live on it. This proprietary blend includes more than 200 sea veggies, Other exciting new products include SecreSea, marine products for your skin, EarthTribe Farmacy, raw herbal formulas, and a suite of safe, natural Hair & Beauty products.

Your common sense knows that the healthiest foods are whole and natural, with the least processing. Science proves it. But do you still find it hard to mostly raw? I know that I do! It’s not convenient, so it's a challenge. The stress of today’s hectic lifestyle means we need more nutrition - but we actually get less! The fast pace of our life forces many of us to eat out, or worse, eat more fast foods!

BrainGarden, now part of ForeverGreen, comes to your rescue with nutritious whole foods you can take everywhere for quick, raw vegan meals and snacks that taste great. Now you don’t have to sacrifice health to live the way you want!

Health is a habit, not an event
Consider developing your own Commitment Pattern: simple, daily habits, consistently done, compounded over time. Your current state of health is the result of the accumulation of each empty-nutrition meal you’ve eaten, day by day and month by month. Likewise, your health future will be decided by the empty calories, fast-food meals meals and processed snacks you replace with whole, raw foods.

Unbelievable results
Unlike quick-fix, fad diets, we don’t promise immediate, unrealistic results. Sure, I've personally seen thousands of people report amazing results, from weight loss to healing many life-threatening diseases. They have virtually all improved their energy and quality of life. Most have noticed better mental clarity and sleep. But RawFoodLife is not just about fast results or instant gratification. It's about giving you a powerful understanding of whole food so that you can finally make a permanent lifestyle change.

You’re not alone
We provide the fellowship, education, and environment you need to be successful in making this transformation to a healthier, happier life. We don’t just send you some products and hope you’ll stick to it. We're building a community of like-minded people through our newsletter and forums to provide you with up-to-date information on raw food in the news, new health trends, nutrition advice, and our ongoing expose of the unsavory practices of the corporate food, drug, agriculture and medical industries that make their "bones" and their profits on your dis-ease.

How much is your health worth to you?
What do you pay for empty nutrition? You'll probably actually save on your food and snack budget with healthy, raw, organic foods. How can I say that? Because raw, organic foods are many times, sometimes several hundred times, more densely packed with nutrition. As your body learns to properly absorb this extra nutrition you need to eat less, so you're getting more bang for the buck! In addition, you're building your immune system and absorbing fewer debilitating toxins, so you're likely to get sick less often, which means fewer trips to the doctor and lower medical expenses!

How much would you pay to rid yourself forever of yo-yo dieting, the common colds or even the latest flu ? Many of us spend thousands of dollars on exercise equipment, books & tapes, and useless diet foods, shakes, pills, or other fads. Are you committed enough to your health to do something about it? You can do it just by replacing part of what you already spend on food with real, whole raw foods. It may well be the smartest investment in your health you’ll ever make! And with ForeverGreen it is easier than ever.

ForeverGreen Shop

My favorites formerly from BrainGarden:
- Food First & Pulse
- Coloidal Silver
- Super Green Foods
- Dynamic Plus
- Priobiotic Plus

Ionic Whole-Food Tonic blending marine phytoplankton, frankincense, aloe vera, and ionic trace minerals from the sea in a nutrient-packed base of cranberry and blueberry with a twist of line.

Get the benefits of Marine Phytoplankton both inside and out with the finest botanical ingredients, extracts, and essential oils to rejuvenate and purify your skin.

EarthTribe Farmacy:
The most powerfu, rawl herbal formulations using Supercritical Fluid Extraction - without heat or solvents.

Essential Oils

Hair & Body Products

6 Ways to Enjoy Pulse

  • Pulse & Fruit: Crumble Pulse over cubes of watermelon, cantaloupe, apples or bananas.
  • Pulse Cereal: Pour raw almond milk over Pulse and watch it become your family's favorite  breakfast.
  • Banana Boat: Slit banana lengthwise, open the peel and stuff with Carob Pulse. Place in oven at the lowest temp (don’t cook) until carob is a little melted.
  • Pulse Pie Crust: Find a graham cracker pie crust recipe and substitute Pulse for the crackers.
  • Pulse Smoothie: Blend 1/8 to 1/4 cup of Pulse with your favorite frozen fruits. Add  raw almond milk for desired consistency.
  • Baby Cereal: Blend 1/8 cup filtered water with 1 cup Pulse. Adjust water for desired consistency. For older infants that can tolerate the bits  of nuts, seeds and grains in Pulse.

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