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by Robert Ross
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Whole Food & Crisis

Freedom, Terrorism & Raw Food
Opinion by Robert Ross

During a time of crisis, we often are required to self-reflect, to get past our pain and anger, and to discover the opportunities inherent in any difficult experience. One of the most nurturing things a “whole being” can do at such a time is to look for deeper meaning. The real value of a whole, raw food diet is that it empowers more than just our health…for with a healthy body and healthy mind, we not only think clearly and less reactively, but with greater awareness, understanding, sensitivity and compassion.

A healthy, whole being takes full responsibility naturally, doesn’t fall into fear and anger with a knee-jerk response to adversity, and has compassion for his enemies as well as his friends..albeit, in some cases, what I call “ruthless compassion.”

We have that whole being within us, just waiting to come out, and all we have to do is stop repressing it with a lifestyle and toxic diet based on death. We just have to stop killing our food and ourselves, and then we’ll rediscover ourselves. Death, in the form of dead food or any other form, creates death. Life, in the form of live food or any other form, creates life. It’s not profound. It’s just common sense…for a whole being!

This wisdom doesn’t diminish the horror of terrorist acts, nor the guilt of terrorists. But it puts it into a perspective in which we can be powerful, whole beings again rather than lose ourselves in a “victim” mentality.

I didn’t feel “called” to share my experience of raw, whole living foods just because I am interested in health and healing. Personally, I am out to transform the world! That is the power of a whole being. That is the power that whole, raw food helps us get back in touch with. Whole beings are naturally powerful. The toxins in cooked and processed foods, however, block your natural power. As you can see in the article on my web site about toxins created by cooking, many of these toxins actually have a sedative-like affect on the brain. Perhaps cooking was the evil knowledge given to Eve by the snake, a symbol of fire in many cultures, in the Garden of Eden.

Toxins rob your body of energy as the body struggles to survive and maintain some semblance of “homeostasis” or balance. Toxins from cooking, not to mention the artificial flavorings and chemicals Found in processed and “fast” foods, may block the molecular “receptors” in your nose and mouth that would otherwise have a natural ability to sense vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and other nutrients in food. With less energy, your ability to think clearly is hampered. With your body in survival mode, taking care of yourself instinctively sometimes becomes more important than caring for others. With imbalanced brain functions, you may become less emotionally balanced, more prone to anger, depression, anxiety or violence. These are just some of the short-term ripple effects of an unnatural, unhealthy lifestyle and diet. There are many more, as well as many long term effects from cancer to heart disease.

The opportunity of rediscovering a natural, healthy lifestyle is to re-empower ourselves to be “whole beings” again, as we once may have been in the Garden of Eden. As powerful whole beings, we can approach life’s challenges with compassion, wisdom and trust. We can embrace our challenges responsibly, learn from them and grow together. True togetherness comes from within…and for what is within to manifest without, we need healthy bodies and minds. A whole being, nurtured by whole foods, naturally experiences himself or herself as part of the “whole,” part of the “web of life.”

With the rising tide of terrorism, trust is more important than ever. Fear creates distrust, especially of anyone that looks like an “enemy.” When some tragedy happens, the media can whip our anger and fear into a war-like frenzy. We can quickly learn to distrust neighbors with the wrong skin color or cultural heritage. The danger is that this opens us to manipulation by the very terrorists we despise, and vastly increases the real danger that may be confronting us - the loss of the founding principles of freedom that make our country great. When that happens, the terrorists win, because they want to defeat freedom itself. So it is essential for us to learn to Trust our fellow Americans again, regardless of heritage, accent, hair color or skin tone.

True trust also comes from within, is unconditional, and not dependent on external factors. It comes from consciousness, responsibility and awareness. If we don’t learn to Trust, we can dilute our ability to actually perceive real threats. If we distrust everyone with a certain accent, we will spend all our energy and time investigating the wrong people. It would be much more productive to trust each other. Then those that are not deserving of our trust will quickly stand out and be easier to locate, investigate and deal with proactively. Meanwhile, we will be healthier and happier ourselves. That’s the real American way!

Terrorism is a battle between the ideals of a fundamentalist Theocracy and the institutions of Democracy - two systems of thought that cannot coexist. Religion-based governments have no personal liberties and despise the concept of freedom. Merely having “free” neighbors is a threat to them, an insult to what they believe, and perhaps even an intolerable temptation for which they feel an overwhelming guilt. So freedom itself is their enemy. They hate us for being free. They want to kill freedom itself.

In this battle between Freedom and terrorism, the terrorists are already winning. Antiterrorist legislation destroys many constitutional rights with little effect on terrorists but devastating effect on the daily lives of most Americans. You see, terrorists today don’t want to make a point, don’t want to negotiate for money or power. They want to destroy everything we believe in because it’s antithetical to their warped perspective. Even deeper, they want to destroy our faith in our lifestyle so that we destroy ourselves from within. That is exactly what is happening when, out of fear, we are willing to give up our Constitutional rights in the mistaken belief that will enable the government to protect us. But the Constitution that has been protecting us for over 200 years. Suspending it only makes us weaker and plays right into the hands of the terrorists. By destroying ourselves, and our belief in everything we stand for, we give new life to their crazy beliefs.

Sure, we must defend ourselves…responsibly, intelligently, and with a heart founded in the liberties this country was founded upon. But ultimately, brute force will only generate more problems and more terrorists. You see, terrorism is like the mythological Hydra with many heads, you cut one off and ten more grow back in its place. So Israel is an armed camp, not a truly free country. The Israelis have been in this mode for half a century, and are no closer to solving these problems then they were fifty years ago – they’ve merely become experts at living with fear, and adept at protecting themselves from those whom they fear. Every time Israel has won a war, they created more fear and hate in their enemies. Every generation of Palestinians has had fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, sisters, brothers, cousins and friends killed in that conflict. Do we want to export that energy to the shores of America? We have sophisticated means to invent powerful, effective solutions without a knee-jerk, fear-based reaction that kills everything America stands for…because when we do that, the terrorists kill much more than people…they kill ideals.

Once we are willing to surrender our Constitution, we’ll lose more rights as the violence escalates. For every bomb we drop “over there,” there will be a dozen terrorists willing to die a martyr in America, causing who-knows how much anguish and death on our own shores. We don’t need to paint scenarios of terrorists with biological weapons,  nukes in a suitcase or even relatively fancy fertilizer bombs. A simple can of gasoline in a shopping mall can become a horrendous weapon, equal to several sticks of dynamite. You can buy one on every street corner in every town in America. In fact, it was gasoline from the airliners that melted the steel and brought the Twin Towers down, not the impact of the airliners.

If the violence escalates, we’ll suspend even more rights. But it is inevitable that most of the impact of this “military rule,” will be felt by regular people, not terrorists. When all our police and military isn’t enough, the United Nations may be asked to lend a hand. Then, soldiers from foreign shores, who don’t necessarily care for our silly American notions of personal liberty, will be asked to help bring order. But that again will affect regular Americans more than the terrorists. Laws that regulate us, for our own safety, actually affect only the honest people who obey them…they rarely affect criminals, who have chosen to operate outside the law.

I say this not to take a political stance or to go against our leaders and their current choices, but to demonstrate from a whole being perspective how violence ultimately only leads to more violence. Death leads to death -- and Life leads to Life. It’s the basic principle of raw food, applied to life itself.

Voilence and death can’t create lasting peace. It can’t create lasting security.  It won’t really make us safe from terrorism. That isn’t even some profound spiritual truth. It’s just plain old common sense. And this all comes about simply due to a lack of Trust. Trust for ourselves, to be able to deal with the problems and fears of today’s complex world. Trust for our neighbors, who may have a different cultural heritage than ourselves. And Trust for God, The Great Spirit, Allah, Buddha or Jesus, who is guiding us through life’s lessons, no matter how difficult they may be. And Trust is just one of the things that come naturally from within a healthy, self-empowered, whole being – who, of course, prefers to eat whole, live food!

Without trust, living in fear and anger, we become mere victims who do not take responsibility for what happens to them. Instead they blame someone else. As victims, we have no power. We want to lash out, to destroy our enemy in order to reclaim our power. However, power also comes from within. You can’t get it back by destroying that which you think took it from you…because the very belief that it can be taken makes you a victim. So even if you destroy your enemy, a new enemy will inevitably crop up. It is just the nature of animals – the strong always prey on the weak. And when you are not manifesting as a “whole being,” all that’s left is your natural animal nature.

The TV pundits have been telling us to follow the money, which they say leads to Osama Bin Ladin. They’re right in principle, but wrong in their conclusions. You see, the money trail doesn’t end with Bin Laden. He’s ultimately just a pawn. The real money trail looks past the obvious. In fact, the real money trail leads to the businesses that profit from war. Don’t think they wouldn’t profit from our adversity. Business doesn’t care. Tobacco companies knowingly promoted lung cancer for decades in the name of profit. Arms companies sell guns to both sides in a war. And fast food companies are happy to sell you 99 cent hamburgers laced with toxins that scientific studies clearly show have negative health effects – and market them to children with images of clowns and happy faces. Businesses are happy to start a war in Afganistan to be able to build an oil pipeline from the new oil fields in Uzbekistan. To business you represent not a human being, but a human resource – a worker and a consumer. To be more than just a worker and consumer, we need to be aware, awake, alive and fully actualized as human beings…what I like to call a “whole being.” And, believe it or not, being whole simply begins with what you choose to eat.

Death creates death. People that thrive on dead food thrive on dead thinking, dead beliefs, dead politics, dead economics, dead lifestyles and the means of creating more death. On the other hand, life creates life.

You can choose to be fully alive, with the kind of conscious life engendered by whole, live foods. Without the sedative effects of toxins found commonly in cooked foods, you’ll discover clearer thinking, more awareness, purer consciousness and much more. And this isn’t some new age psycho-babble, it is proven in numerous scientific studies (for some examples, see the scientific references footnoting the article on toxins from cooking on this website). It’s not just a fact, its common sense for people that have all the facts. Dead food kills. Live food gives life. And the good news is that You Still have the Freedom to Choose!

Originally published 2012.


© Can Stock Photo Inc. / elnor

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